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Urgent Primary Care (OOH)

Careers in Urgent Primary Care

Workforce is key to the consistent delivery of high quality and safe care, delivered at the right place/right time and within UPC we need to ensure that we have a sustainable workforce with the right skills, behaviours and competencies.

Within UPC (OOH) settings across Wales there is limited scope for career enhancement and career development and therefore, with a greater emphasis towards multidisciplinary team working, there is a requirement to develop a Framework which supports the vision for a highly professional multi-disciplinary clinical workforce.

The framework and accompanying portfolio which has been designed by clinicians defines core, supplementary skills and competencies for each role; and is not intended to replace or contradict any of the requirements laid down by an individual team member’s professional body. Due to the diverse range of professionals working in the UPC setting we have moved away from the traditional role titles to ensure practitioners practising at a certain level have the equivalent knowledge, experience and skills to undertake the role.   

With the support of HEIW a specific modular based development programme is currently being developed in order to provide additional support and development for clinicians working in the UPC setting such as telephone consultation training etc. 

Download as PDF [113KB]

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