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Urgent Primary Care (OOH)


We’ve addressed some of the most frequently asked questions about working in Urgent Primary Care below. If you have any further questions, please get in touch through the Contact Us page.

Depending on your individual circumstances, your pay and pension could be affected and you would need to take independent advice on this.

There are clear expectations and set hours for staff who work in Urgent Primary Care. There is no paperwork to take home and there is no need for staff to schedule follow-up appointments with the patients they see. Staff in Urgent Primary Care also work fixed hours, unless they have agreed to work overtime.  

The type of work is varied as there is a mix of triage and face-to-face contact with patients, and there is a change of pace compared to regular in-hours work. There is also an opportunity to work with different teams that you wouldn’t usually work with during in-hours. For example, GPs, nurses, pharmacists and healthcare support workers have the opportunity to work together and across multiple disciplines.

This will depend on the role, however, in most circumstances you will not be working alone. Our staff work in multi-disciplinary teams, which means there’s always an opportunity to work with a range of healthcare professionals at all levels, and there is always support when you need it.

The work in Urgent Primary Care involves contact with, and management of, patients who require urgent care and are unable to wait for their own GP surgery to be open. This can either be via a telephone or face-to-face depending on your role.

Normally GPs are expected to see one patient every 15 minutes, face-to-face in a primary care centre.

This would depend on the role. Find out more information about the roles in Urgent Care here.

The amount of hours you are expected to work in Urgent Primary Care depends if you have a contract or if you work on a sessional basis. One of the benefits of working in Urgent Primary Care is the opportunity to work flexible hours, which means working hours that suit your needs and work around your lifestyle.

There is a range of contracts in operation.

If you’re choosing to work in Urgent Primary Care, we would ask you to only choose to work the hours you can commit to.

Yes, if you are a member of staff covered by Agenda for Change terms and conditions.

You may be asked to move around the Health Board area. However, we would try and accommodate your needs and location wherever possible.

There is a range of shifts on offer, some of which are nights. However, you would only work nights where you had agreed to do so.

Yes, you would be invited for an interview upon application.

No, you don’t need to speak Welsh to be able to work in Urgent Primary Care, but the ability to do so is always desirable.

Yes. We will make sure you receive the training you need to be able to fulfil your role in Urgent Primary Care. We also offer a CPD programme to support you with your continual professional development, and there is an opportunity to work across multi-disciplines and learn from other healthcare professionals within your team.

This depends on the organisation you work for and whether they have a staff uniform policy.

This will depend on your individual circumstances.

This will depend on the organisation and how they manage their shifts. If you are required to visit patients at their homes overnight, we would supply you with a driver.

We should like all colleagues to be reassured by the extent of their Welsh Risk Pool Service (WRPS) cover; however it does not cover everything.   A private defence body subscription e.g. MPS/MDU should be retained to cover representation at the GMC and possibly for any matters that involve the Police, however unlikely this is going to be needed.   The good news is that WRPS cover will generally afford you up to a 90% reduction in your MPS/MDU subscriptions and as this would still be a tax deductible expense we feel it is mandatory to ensure that you have this cover.

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