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Urgent Primary Care (OOH)

About Urgent Primary Care

Our NHS Urgent Primary Care staff provide healthcare information, advice and access to urgent primary care services to patients who have urgent but not emergency needs.

The NHS Urgent Primary Care service runs after 6:30pm on a weekday until 8.00am the following morning and on weekends and bank holidays. The services are the responsibility of the local Health Boards. The services are located within Health Board areas.

How does NHS Urgent Primary Care work?

There are a variety of staff who work together as part of a multi-disciplinary team who provide the Urgent Primary Care service for their community.

Our multi-disciplinary teams are made up of GPs, nurses, call handlers, drivers, pharmacists, paramedics, healthcare support workers and receptionists to make sure patients with urgent care needs are attended to in a timely manner.

During the out of hours’ period, patient calls are initially managed by trained call handlers and then may be passed on to a range of other healthcare professionals for advice/self-care/prescription or face-to-face.

Many of our Urgent Primary Care staff have roles within the NHS and therefore have a breadth of experience that they bring to the role. They have commented they enjoy working in Urgent Primary Care to learn and develop new skills.

If you would like to develop new skills, or would like to earn extra income, or if you would consider a career move, please view our list of vacancies available in Urgent Primary Care.

Why work in Urgent Primary Care?

Working for the NHS Urgent Primary Care can be a refreshing change from in-hours work.

Not only does working in Urgent Primary Care provide an opportunity to earn additional income and to develop your skills in a unique setting, it provides an opportunity to become part of a close team. In addition, it also offers the opportunity for flexible working and a better work/life balance.

Many of our staff choose to work in Urgent Primary Care because of the flexible hours it offers.

Urgent Primary Care provides opportunity for students, parents with childcare responsibilities and for healthcare professionals to keep their skill sets up to date.

See our list of benefits and reasons for working in Urgent Primary Care.

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